Our History

In 2000 Gianni Bianco bolstered by the experience gained in his family’s farm directed by his grand father Giovanni Bianco and even before by the great-grandfather Stefano Bianco, decided to create La Ballerina Vini. His aim was to realize the full potential of the unique Monferrato terroir, became in 2014 Unesco Heritage. With all the pride and determination required for such an ambitious goal. To do so, Gianni started producing in their hillside estate of 6 ha, 250 mt a.s.l. the aged Barbera superiore docg, the other reds like Grignolino, Dolcetto, Monferrato Rosso, as well as the range of white wines like Cortese, Monferrato Bianco, an excellent Bubbly, Moscato, and the Grappa barbera. Guyot Plant Breeding system.

La Famiglia Bianco la Ballerina vini
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Gianni Bianco degustazione vini monferrato

Barbera and Grignolino are indigenous. Today Gianni supported by his father Giuseppe continue their Bianco’s family tradition of 100 years of winemaking in MONTEGROSSO D’ASTI. In just a few years, thanks to careful technological innovations and the choice of an accurate stubborn passionate family team, Gianni’s dream has come true: he produces excellent wines all aim to become more and more known on the national and international wine scene.

100 years of Experience

Our family has been handed down for generations the passion for wine, its care and its production. We have 100 years of winemaking tradition, during which we have specialized and improved the processing of grapes with cutting-edge processes with exceptional results.
In our wine cellar you can find many red wines like Barbera Superiore DOCG, Dolcetto, Grignolino DOC, Barbera DOC, white wines like Monferrato Bianco DOC, Spumante and Grappa di Barbera.

Our Wine Philosophy Production

Life is too short to drink mediocre wines. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe