The Green Harvest

A low yield is what it takes to produce high quality wines. During the summer the so-called “Green Harvest” takes place, which consists in the elimination of some of the still green bunches. Every company is made three times, with the aim of reducing the quantity of grapes grown (about 50 quintals per hectare) and thus raising the quality of the wine. This procedure naturally requires some experience and skill, as it is necessary to reduce the quantity of bunches to an optimal level, bearing in mind the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the year. By maintaining production at a low level, the characteristics and identity of the soil are conferred to the wine, thus achieving an excellent quality, defined by a high concentration of sugars and varietal aromas. This delicate and important moment is followed with particular attention to decide which guidelines will be followed in the current year.

Grappolo uva nera

Grape harvest by hand


By far the most intense and challenging time of the year, this period requires careful judgment, experience and intuition. In general we start by harvesting our white varieties at the beginning of September, and then we arrive at the end of September / beginning of October to harvest Barbera. The perfect time to start harvesting in every single vineyard is determined by the degree of ripeness of the grapes, the content of sugar and acidity, and the general weather conditions. All our grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small plastic crates of 15 kg capacity for transport to the cellar. This manual process requires great care from the moment the fruit is harvested in the vineyard when it is crushed in the cellar.

La vendemmia montegrosso

Stages of wine production

The green harvest, followed by the actual harvest is only the first of the many phases that follow one another to reach bottling and aging. In fact after the harvest we proceed with the grape press and the vinification and refining. Each process requires the right season and temperature, care and refining and aging time to create a first choice product.