Montegrosso d’Asti is set in a vast hilly area, originating from the Tertiary era, formed a million years ago by sedimentation of an ancient sea. Being devoid of rock formations, this predominantly clay-limestone soil, with presence of sand, accompanied by a cold temperate climate, constitutes the ideal environment for the vine.

Ramo di vite

The vineyards of Montegrosso d’Asti

According to the big names in the wine scene, the future of the great Barbera is Asti and its terroir, where the production of Barolo and Barbaresco is not allowed and the most important variety is therefore Barbera, cultivated for several years on the best hills. In addition, the Barbera of the Alba area is usually cultivated in places where the conditions are not optimal enough for Barbaresco or Barolo. Our 6 hectares of vines spread over a hilly area at 244 meters above sea level, characterized by limestone soils, rich in clay, limestone, sand and microelements. The exposure is south-east, and the age of the vines is 10-80 years. The training system is Guyot and there are about 5,000 vines per hectare. We are in one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Monferrato characterized, from a human memory, by a centuries-old vocation: viticulture.

Territory card

244 m s.l.m.
Varietà di Viti
Barbera, Nebbiolo,
Warm and temperate
Prevalentemente calcareo-argilloso
Zona del Monferrato Barbera
bottiglia Amoris Barbera d'Asti docg la ballerina

The grapes of Monferrato

In fact, the grapes and wines of these hills were famous since ancient times. They have praised Roman writers and medieval princes and kings, scientists and gourmets. Over the centuries, famous writings or phrases on many occasions have celebrated the wines of the “monferratensis” hills for their excellent quality. The conditions for the cultivation of the vine are all favorable: a temperate climate, with cold nights in late October, is integrated into a special soil, rich in clay, limestone, sand and microelements. A set of essential factors for quality viticulture: a unique, exceptional, inimitable terroir: the Monferrato.

Grape processing

Our care of the vineyards is a fundamental part to create quality wines, a choice that distinguishes us for years, is to make the so-called Green Harvest. In fact, in the summer period, we remove in three moments, some bunches of grapes still too green. This allows us to collect, in the month of September, during the actual Harvest, a reduced quantity of grapes so as to increase the quality level of the wines that we are going to produce during the Vinification and Aging processes.

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